Graphic design: a sense of vocation

Annette Peppis’s blog post, How do I know if my graphic designer is any good? sketches the basic requirements for the potential client’s consideration. Top of her list is the following:

“They will have a deep seated love of all things artistic, probably going back to their childhood.”

A good example of this would be Andrew Oliver who has brought flair and clarity to many an educational textbook, travel guide or reference book. His website of work from the last twenty years has a list of influences and a page devoted to books, comics and magazines which resonate as icons for time and place.

Annette Peppis, like Andrew Oliver, has a good eye allied to a sense of curiosity. She blogs regularly on art and design, London life and the underwater world (she’s a qualified diving instructor) and her portfolio showcases a wide range of work. When you look at the work of these two designers, remember — it’s been a long time in the making.


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One Response to “Graphic design: a sense of vocation”

  1. Annette Peppis Says:

    Thank you for the recognition, Greg. I wasn’t familiar with Andrew’s work, so finding out more about him has been a pleasure. I LOVE his influences page!

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