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Digital magazine layout needs to turn a page (via Alison Harmer’s blog)

October 8, 2010

Having recently attended a very useful course on publishing skills for the digital age, I was pleased to discover Alison Harmer’s blog, where she illustrates the variable quality of digital page layout. There are links to some fine examples of pages that are fit for purpose, in her blog and in the comments that follow.

The iPad and other tablets are taking a sideways swipe at the way editors and designers approach page layout on digital magazines. Take this publication for the Farnborough Airshow 2010. It uses Flash, so it can’t be played on an iPad yet, but aside from that, it still relies on print techniques to navigate the reader through. Apart from the A380 animation and the filmed intro, its format looks dated and tired – even the word ‘interactive’ is sup … Read More

via Alison Harmer’s blog