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Small realities

September 21, 2011

A fascinating exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities. The introduction makes a case for the small-scale hand-built artworks — sculpture, photography and video — the need to engage directly, in response to our frequent interactions in cyberspace in front of a monitor (sometimes no more than a monitor oneself).

The exhibition includes scale model replicas of city stores, streets and diners by Alan Wolfson (flagged by Steve Heller on his Daily Heller blog).  You can see further examples on Wolfson’s website.

Finally, some miniatures by Slinkachu, Little People in the City, an appealing combination of melancholy and humour, exploring our own relationship with the big city.

Little People in the City is available in hardback with a foreword by Will Self.


Designers on the Ice Floe

July 10, 2011

“We aren’t the first designers of the world. Many have come before us”. Paul Scrivens on the need to look back in order to move forward.

Steven Heller notes that the young, predisposed to “send out the old on metaphoric ice floes” are keen nowadays to tap into an astute sense of craft. Heller cites several exemplars, including Ladislav Sutnar (One of Sutnar’s favorite comments was: “Without efficient typography, the jet plane pilot cannot read his instrument panel fast enough to survive“)

Heller follows this by devoting an article to Ladislav Sutnar, A Father of Web Design, Kept Alive by His Son, talking to Los Angeles architect and city planner Radislav Sutnar about his ongoing efforts to preserve the legacy of his father.