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Adrian Curry’s best movie posters of 2015 —

January 7, 2016

— or the best posters that Adrian Curry could find in 2015: no great posters for Hollywood films in his top ten, but a list of his runners-up extends to 31 rather than the usual 20, so the general standard is high and there’s much to enjoy.

“A mature artist takes the materials closest to hand”: no artwork features in his poster for The Assassin, but Eric Buckham certainly follows Irish novelist George Moore’s maxim in this intuitive assemblage of screen-grabs and on-set photography. Eric Buckham’s work can be seen on his website.

The self-styled Midnight Marauder designed the poster for Terence Malik’s enigmatic Knight of Cups (a tarot character). The image originated in 1764 as The Tree of the Soul, and earned its keep in subsequent books of mysticism and theology. It was last used on the cover of a 1932 book, The Tree of Life. Surely Malik would draw these elements together to present the soul of the tree? Marauder produces alternative posters too. See his take on The Assassin.

I’m drawn to the retrographic poster for When I Live My life Over Again, a bittersweet father-daughter relationship of ambition and innocence. Both are singers looking for a second chance. The black background dominates the pair of them, but magenta picks out the long hair of the daughter played by Amber Heard, whose name is also highlighted in magenta. The proximity of the father (Christopher Walken) at his daughter’s shoulder suggests she is channelling what she’s learned from him — something unresolved passing to the next generation. More of Akiko Stehrenberger’s film posters can be found here.