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The Eye magazine archive 2

March 4, 2015

The website for Eye magazine is well catalogued, listing most issues and critiques going back to 1999. Anne Odling-Smee’s interview with Ken Garland for Eye 66 draws attention to his first written piece, for the Penrose Annual, in which he argues that British graphic design blended Swiss discipline (Karl Gerstner) with American freedom (Saul Bass). See also Eye 85’s review by Jim Northover of Ken Garland: Structure and Substance, Adrian Shaughnessy’s biographical essay.

In Eye 72, John L Walters talks to Marian Bantjes. Her dazzling book, I Wonder, presents a collection of inimitable observations on visual culture and design. Her obsessively playful, highly-crafted word-pictures have made her name and achieved a late but loyal following around the world.

Finally, Germano Facetti Eye 29, 1998 by Richard Hollis. Facetti commissioned Romek Marber to design a new cover design for the Penguin Crime series. Its success persuaded Facetti to apply the design to the blue Pelicans and the orange covers of Penguin fiction. Producing up to 70 covers per month, Facetti brought in leading designers who worked to his brief, achieving a rare consistency of style. See also Rick Poynor’s obituary of Facetti from 2006 and browse the gallery of book covers.


Visual Arts Library – Periodicals Collections

September 7, 2011

Just a toe in the water — wide ranging selections from Visual Arts Library Picture & Periodicals Collections, an impressive archive of 20th century magazine covers, including the American music magazine Etude, Vanity Fair, Travel (great depth of colour), and from 1905 the austere-looking Youth’s Companion.

I particularly like Movie (edited by Ian Cameron), which was first published in 1962 and helped England to keep up with the more cutting-edge French films, influenced as it was by the French magazine Cahiers du Cinema.

Thanks to Adrian Shaughnessy for drawing attention to this fascinating collection.

Western Amerykanski: Polish Poster Art and the Western

July 1, 2011

A sequence of twenty-two Polish film posters for American Westerns, curated by Will Schofield at 50 Watts, drawing on the excellent Western Amerykanski: Polish Poster Art & The Western. Thanks to Adrian O’Shaughnessey for unearthing this.

The American Western had a resonance for Polish cinema-goers in the era of Soviet repression. In the hands of Polish artists the film poster became a vehicle for subliminal commentary: Polish sympathies lay with the Indian, not the cowboy. Jerzy Jaworowski’s 1962 poster for the aptly-titled Misfits, brings to mind Picasso’s petrified horse in Guernica.


June 11, 2011

A treasure trove of found images, classic graphics and advertisements. New discoveries are being posted all the time, so designspiration is a useful website to bookmark and return to.

I found this site when I came across a selection of graphics and photomontage from advertisements in Ty i Ja (Me and You illustrated magazine), published in Poland in the 1970s. One link leads to another.

Thanks to Adrian Shaughnessy for bringing Ty i Ja to light.