ebooks: putting the typo into typography

Paul Luna reviews Amazon’s UK Kindle advertisement (from The Guardian) and laments the careless typography of some ebook publishers. By linking to the original printed pages he also highlights the valuable work of the typographer, not to mention the copy-editor, proof reader and commissioning editor.


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5 Responses to “ebooks: putting the typo into typography”

  1. Paul Luna Says:

    Thanks for the link!


  2. gregsweetnam Says:

    There’s more on the Kindle’s mangled rendering of the same author’s text in the TLS Letters to the Editor. See ‘Look-stepping’:

  3. gregsweetnam Says:

    TLS Letters to the Editor: Further enlightened comments on the Kindle-mangle. See ‘Hyphens/dashes’:

  4. gregsweetnam Says:

    This from twitter –
    students showing Kindle that help is at hand:
    Adrian Shaughnessy
    PDF specimens of typefaces and essays from University of Reading MA in Typeface Design bit.ly/nWCYAA Via @JanMiddendorp

  5. gregsweetnam Says:

    This from twitter:
    erik spiekermann
    Thomas Rhiel calls the thoughtless conversion of books into ebooks “Kindlizing”. Well put: http://bit.ly/tQCkn7

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