dezeen: from the monthly archives 2

From the monthly archives of Dezeen, some of the ways that designers play with time and space:

Clock by Christiaan Postma

Dutch designer Christaan Postma devised more than 150 synchronised clock mechanisms that rotate their own corresponding metal bar in a seemingly scattered arrangement until they fall into alignment on the hour to tell the time. It’s an impressive feat of patience, planning and — forgive the pun — timing. Postma uses up to five bars to construct a character for the numbers ONE to TWELVE. The video demonstrates the process in under two minutes.

ANZAS Dance Studio by Tsutsumi and Associates

This Beijing dance studio is designed by local architects Tsutsumi and Associates. The telescopic depth of the mirrored walls is tempered by an astonishing illusion of fog, created by the addition of graduated white dots, giving a focus to the tigerwood floorspace.

Zenith music hall by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas

Perceptions change with the time of day in this French music hall by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. This building, in Strasbourg, is covered with a translucent textile membrane that looks solid in daylight, but, like a lantern, illuminates its internal structure at night time. It acts as a huge billboard, hosting projections of upcoming events for passers-by.


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