The Dieline: packaging design

A leading showcase on the web for good package design, The Dieline accepts submissions by email, and its first book, Box, Bottle, Bag by Andrew Gibbs was published in 2010.

The site is regularly updated, as in this round up of recent submissions — my favourite is the Tea Stack, for its tea-inspired artwork by Peskimo.

The Dieline also presents some attractive individual examples: a coffee liqueur inspired by Film noir and designed by Oscar Guerrero Cañizares; a package for honey that opens to reveal several die-cut bees, with gold foil detail, packed into the box (designed by Terence Kitching). You’ll also see the outstanding Louise Fili Ltd updating their own original design for Irving Farm Coffee in a Before-and-After shot. It’s always interesting to see what’s kept, modified — or changed utterly!


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One Response to “The Dieline: packaging design”

  1. rachel a Says:

    thanks for this blog, now i’ve got a new site to check for ideas and inspiration

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