Eskimo Grasshoppers: French illustration

Some rare and wonderful pages and artworks from French children’s books of the 1930s and 1940s.

There are links to the full book in some cases, and artists include Paul Emil Victor, Jean Cocteau, Guy Sabran, Olga Kowalevsky, Alexandra Exter, Helene Guertik, Lalande, Beatrice Appia, Andre Helle, Nathalie Parain and Jean Bruller.

My thanks to Will Schofield at — who else knew that Jean Cocteau had illustrated a children’s book?


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One Response to “Eskimo Grasshoppers: French illustration”

  1. primperfect Says:

    Some of these are downright scary!

    “Please, Maman, don’t read me a bed-time story from that book!”

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