dezeen: from the monthly archives

Hula hoops, a honeycomb vase, and a question of faith: a visit to the monthly archives of dezeen, the online magazine for architecture, design and interiors.

Qui est in, Qui est out

London architects Yes We Can Architecture built a project out of hula hoops in the summer of 2008. A simple, effective (and affecting) way to enliven an 18th century French courtyard — a sense of release, of champagne bubbles!

The Honeycomb Vase

A ‘collaboration’ between Studio Libertiny and 40,000 honeybees: Tomáš Libertiny put his basic beeswax mould printed with a honeycomb pattern into a beehive. The bees did the rest. The report ends with a credit for concept, photography … and beekeeping.

Robert Stadler installation in a Parisian church

Robert Stadler designed a lighting installation for the church of Saint-Paul Saint-Louis in Paris during the annual Nuit Blanche all-night festival (October 2007). Here’s Stadler’s rationale (see 2007/ ? Nuit Blanche Paris).

Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682), said there aren’t impossibilities enough in religion for an active faith. Stadler’s illuminating question is absorbed into the space where doubt and faith co-exist.


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