John Gorham, ‘the graphic John Betjeman’

I’m grateful to Michael Johnson, of London design consultancy Johnson Banks, for his 2008 blog on the work of John Gorham, one of my heroes when I was a design student. Johnson is absolutely right when he says that it’s virtually impossible to find anything on the internet about this uniquely-talented (and quintessentially-English) designer, typographer and illustrator.

This appeal for information finishes Johnson’s text, but it’s worth repeating here:

Beryl McAlhone (co-author of ‘A Smile in the mind’) and James Beveridge (ex of The Partners) have been researching a book on Gorham’s work but are thus far unable to find a publisher. Please email if you want to help.


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One Response to “John Gorham, ‘the graphic John Betjeman’”

  1. gregsweetnam Says:

    ‘The English Difference’ a lavishly-illustrated book published in 1973, designed by John Gorham and Ken Carroll, establishes a context for Gorham’s work, with contributions from many of the leading designers and illustrators of that era in Britain. See Mike Dempsey’s illuminating blog, ‘Graphic Journey’.

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