The Shape of Design: anticipation

A fascinating work-in-progress, The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero, a short, accessible book about the creative process & the intersection of storytelling, craft & improvisation.

As he says in the witty and charming video, he wants it to be a book “to take up space, because you thought it was worth cluttering your ratty 400 sq ft apartment”.

I look forward to the book. For now, we have the notes.

As readers will have seen, above, Frank Chimero posted his project to Kickstarter to attract funding from readers. The idea was a book, The Shape of Design, which Chimero hoped would highlight the sense of meaning and purpose that designers bring to their work. But a mere four hours later, The Shape of Design was already funded.

Alissa Walker interviewed Frank Chimero to find out how he did it.


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  1. gregsweetnam Says:

    More plaudits for Frank Chimero, from the idsgn blog, How we say thanks:

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