Design Boom — towers, fencing and batmobiles

Three items from Design Boom (January 2011), the online magazine for design culture.

Evolution of the Batmobile
A new infographic documents in comic-book form the evolution of the Batmobile. Over its 70-year history, designers have constantly updated the vision of the future for their time. Built in three weeks for the 1966 Batman TV series, the car’s re-design was based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura and includes an on-board computer (Bat-Nav?).

Amnesty International / Mentalgassi
As a means of bringing attention to the case of prisoner Troy Davis, German street art collective Mentalgassi along with UK-based creative duo Brothers and Sisters have teamed up to create a series of lenticular fence poster installations for Amnesty International, displayed around London. The poster images of Davis behind bars can’t be looked at directly, and seem, in their way, to follow the poet Emily Dickinson’s maxim about truth.

Information-Based Architecture: Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China
Unlike most skyscrapers that tend to bear male characteristics – angular, simplistic, heavy and based on repetition – Amsterdam studio IBA‘s design of the Canton Tower is defined by its smooth, slender, gracious forms that mimic the figure of a woman. Though the allusion is followed a little too far in the brief report — “the denser areas in the waist of the building provide a more intimate experience” is unfortunate — the photos are striking, and convey the sheer audacity of the structure.


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3 Responses to “Design Boom — towers, fencing and batmobiles”

  1. gregsweetnam Says:

    Guangzhou’s Canton Tower features in Wallpaper* magazine’s round-up of the best of recent Chinese architecture.

  2. gregsweetnam Says:

    “It’s often said you go to America for its can-do attitude, the far east for application and detail and Europe for design and imagination – and I think that’s still true. There’s definitely demand for British architectural and engineering expertise in planning in China,” — Sir Terry Farrell

    Fast-growing China gives British architects and engineers an opportunity to capitalise on their expertise.

  3. gregsweetnam Says:

    Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid Architects has opened:

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