The Eye magazine archive

The archive contains a prescient account of a book publisher re-thinking book conventions in an age of new media (1994, when the Internet had limited access), namely TV, video, computer games and CD-ROM. This report is revisited in an Eye article from 2008, showing the publisher still thriving, though not as emboldened as it could have been.

The website for Eye magazine is well catalogued, listing most issues and critiques going back to 1999. Rick Poynor interviews Alan Fletcher, who was about to publish a labour of love:

RP: You’ve been working on a book about design for seven years. When will you publish it?

AF: It’s really a scrapbook. I wrote down some thoughts on a whole series of things like “taste”, “perception”, “imagination”, “visualisation” – pigeon-holes. I took all the quotes, clippings, observations and images I’d collected, including my notes, and put them in the pigeon-holes. There are lots of things written about the visual business that are not explained very clearly. I’m using words like pictures.

This ‘scrapbook’ was eventually published as The Art of Looking Sideways in 2001.

Finally, a recent article, Survivor, on Romek Marber, responsible for the Marber Grid used on the Penguin covers of the early 1960s, and author of a memoir, No Return: Journeys through the Holocaust. Published in 2010, the first title under the Richard Hollis imprint. A quietly devastating account by a man for whom design has been an affirmation of life.


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  1. gregsweetnam Says:

    Rick Poynor reviews Romek Marber’s 1960s identity for the Penguin Crime series

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